Dr. Oz – Belly Fat Blues

We start off by defining what is Omentum Fat. As defined by Dr. Oz, Omentum Fat is not the one you can pinch. It is located right under the depths of your belly and is closely seated at your organs.
Contrary to popular beliefs, not all fats are the same.

Omentum Fat Explained

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The fat on your thighs are much more different from Omentum fat since you can easily get rid of that and propose no extensive danger to your health.
Thousands of years ago, Omentum fat, also known as belly fat, was considered beneficial. The people back at that time would take advantage of it during times of famine as a storage to where the liver gets sustenance and all the nutrients the body needs. Let me reiterate, this is the people of before who would undergo hard labor throughout the day which is far more different and taxing than the activities of today.

The Dangers of Omentum (Belly) Fat

Today, too much build up of belly fat and lesser activities is dangerous. This fat could clog the portal vein, shutting all the chemicals and that would result to the poisoning of the liver. It is figuratively like putting a cork through a hole.
This should bring up great concern since the liver is a vital part of our body as it reconfigures all other chemicals that the body produces and sends it to all areas of our anatomy including the extremities. If the liver is poisoned and starts developing bad cholesterol, it will be creating inflammatory chemicals and would soon stop responding to insulin.
This causes Type 2 Diabetes which is commonly known as having too much glucose in the blood and is the most common form of the disease. Too much belly fat blocks the muscles from using sugar. It is so bulky that it squeezes right to your kidneys and the organ miscalculates its processes and would in turn rise up your blood pressure as well.
High blood pressure and high sugar, plus high blood cholesterol is most commonly known as the “Metabolic Syndrome” which increases the chances of coronary arteries disease, stroke, kidney disease (check out the Kidnetonex Remedy for a specific plan to recover from it). The most dangerous is Type 2 Diabetes. It also is the number one cause of impotence and even wrinkles! In short, this is up to nothing good.

How to Measure:

Finding out the right amount of fat is easier than what most people think. You do not necessarily undergo complicated tests to do this, but just get a tape measure and measure away.
First, you have to bear in mind that the ideal belly size should always be half of your height. If for example your height is 6 feet, you have to multiply it by 12 (equivalent in inches) which would give you 72. You would have to divide the product by 2 and then you will get 36 which is the healthy measurement considering your height.
If what you come up with is a lot less, then it is not a basis for much concern. If it is more than half of your height, then that is no longer healthy. The ideal measurement in women would be 32 inches and a half or less. While for men, it would be 37 inches. The best way, however, is still use the computation based on your height for more accurate results.

Belly fat is very dangerous and it can easily subtract a good 15 years of your life if you ignore it. Not to prejudice but the truth is people who are thin live longer. Yes, problems such as the illnesses mentioned above can be partially controlled by medicines but what could be a better cure than prevention?
We strongly advise you to follow the Three Weeks Diet for a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

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