High Cortisol, Food Sensitivities and Belly Fat

What we are seeing nowadays is a dreaded chain and this cycle only results to belly fat. Belly fat is equivalent to malfunctions of your organs. Belly fat means, you are unhealthy. Now what are you called to do?

Before we point onto the solution, we need to discuss a few points that are vital for you to digest and understand. The littlest of things that seem irrelevant in weight loss are the easiest to disregard without analyzing its overall effects.

Cortisol is Produced by the Adrenal Glands

Take food allergies for example: Food sensitivities and food intolerance do not simply mean you can just swallow the outcome with a few trips to the lavatory plus a dose of Loperamide.
When your body experiences some form of disturbance, it adapts by increasing cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of the body’s ammunition against stress.

food intolerance sensetivities

As your body is stimulated into hyper drive because of the strain your immune system is receiving, high levels of cortisol will be released. This hormone is helpful in controlled doses. However, prolonged levels of this would mean reduced bone density, suppressed thyroid function, and hyperglycemia! High doses of cortisol would also mean retaining elevated levels of water in your body. When the body holds in too much water it results to belly fat. Try sticking your finger onto your tummy, if it is puffy then most likely than not, you are touching on belly fat water.

The key is simple. Avoid taking in food that your body cannot tolerate. Eat properly, as cliché as it might sound. A lot of people are losing 6 to 8 pounds during the first week, they are taking the food they are allergic with, out of their diet. These same people continue on losing 20 to 30 pounds doing absolutely
nothing except for eating properly! Watch this video that explain this in details!

Continue this streak by getting someone formulate a fitted exercise for your body. Whether you prefer functional cardio exercises, endurance, or body building, it is all up to you! Try a routine of fat burning circuits for blazing fat loss results, but always make sure that your body is capable of doing this. If this is not taken into consideration, it can actually lift up your metabolism really high which could mean that, yes, it will eradicate the fat off, however, exhausting your adrenal gland. Do not exercise to the point that you are fatigued. There is a thin line between that. These exercises, when not executed correctly, will turn you from being fat, to looking great, but will result to a slippery slope onto which you are left fatter and with more injuries.

A great formula would be adding just 1% improvement from your previous workout to trigger a blazing fat loss factor. If you are not ready for the gym, try milder exercises such as Tai Chi or Chi Gong – these type of exercise know to relax and lower your blood pressure – good practice is in Hibloderox Remedy Method. The solution to losing weight is not strain, fatigue, and drastic measures. The solution is always a gradual change, a healthy diet, and most of all, preparation. Treat your body the way it deserves to be treated!

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  1. Nil A says:


    Thanks for the informative article. I am working in late evening shifts so getting late in going to bed and i believe this is the reason of my weight gain. Changes in my working schedules are not possible right now so the only thing left is healthy diet.
    So can you please guide me what should be the healthy diet for me. I am vegetarian.

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