Hormone Imbalance and Belly Fat Accumulation

Belly Fat accumulation is primarily caused by Hormonal Imbalance.
There are more than 600 hormones circulating in your bloodstream.

However, these are The Three key major hormones that force your stomach to grow and accumulate fat:

  • Cortisol
  • Estrogen
  • Insulin

Cortisol Imbalance and Belly Fat

When you have a lot of on-going stress, wether is’t physical stress or emotional stress, Cortisol levels in your body will go up and your body will get into belly fat storing mode.
Another cause for cortisol levels to go up is by drinking Coffee in excess which in turn stimulates your adrenals which will produce more cortisol in response.
Over time this can set a chain reaction where you wear your adrenals to the point that you will disrupt the normal daily cycle of cortisol, where it should start in High peak when you wake up in the morning and go down in 1 Hour to a low levels and only come back in late evening to go up slowly into the night when you are asleep and get back to it’s normal cycle of peaking up in the morning again.
Failing to stay in this Cortisol cycle is a sure way to have sleeping problems and Belly Fat Accumulation starts to happen.

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Estrogen Imbalance and Stomach Fat

Women by default have way more estrogen in their body than men have, and as women progress into menopause they still produce estrogen but in lower amounts and the rhythm and balance of Progesterone/Estrogen in the women body is impaired.

Hormonal Imbalance in men

Men on the other side needs lower levels of Estrogen than women and must keep Testosterone/Estrogen in proportion in order not to fall into the belly fat storing situation.
Both men and women need to be careful from plastic toxics known as BPA (Bisphenol A) these can be found in some canned food as well as mineral water plastic bottles, especially when stored outside or being re-used, as well as heating food in plastic plates using the microwave.
Other sources of food that are well known for their estrogenic dominance are Soy, Milk and Meat – the way you want to consume Meat and Milk, using the Belly Fat Blaze method, is by drinking raw milk and eating grass-fed meat.

Insulin and Abdominal Fat

Insulin is a fat storing hormone and while having an insulin spike after a meal is good for the body in order to clear the energy (sugar) into the cells in order to use it…
Chronic Elevated Insulin due to drinking high sugary soda’s bottles is the way to constantly making the body cells get resistance to insulin and start a vicious cycle of fat accumulation especially in your belly area.
Simple carbohydrate such as bread and highly processed food can also have the same effect as they get really fast digest in the body and become sugar in your body.
You should have long breaks between your meal in the range of 4-5 hours and stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed.

Resistance Training Exercise and Hormonal Balace

The key to Balance your hormones (aside from food intake) is Resistance Training which can be done by Weight Lifting, using your Body as a Weight, or machines that resist your movement.
This type of exercise when done on the Big Muscles such as Legs, Back and Shoulders, and done with heavy load on these muscles, exhausting them to failure in up to 12 repetition in each exercise.
This will release the glycogen from the muscle tissue and will make the GLUT4 in your muscle tissue to pop out and absorb sugar from your body, without the presence of Insulin, this research demonstrate the benefits of exercise on GLUT4 translocation in skeletal muscle, pay attention that this trial was done on people with Diabetes!

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