Skinnimaker System Review

The Beginning of Skinnimaker System

The SkinniMaker System is a rapid weight loss program designed by Brian Flat, a sports nutritionist, health coach, and personal trainer for celebrities.

The skinny maker system has helped thousands of people achieve their desired body shape and once it was.

Skinnimaker System

Development of the New Skinnimaker System

Brian Flat developed the SkinnyMaker System 5 years ago as a purely physical exercise plan and about a year ago he has incorporated it with a diet program, creating the 3-week-diet weight loss program.

The diet follows a scientific method adding certain, rich nutrient foods into your diet. These foods, when combined, offer about 4 times fat-burning properties.

In this diet, there are no restrictions on certain types of foods such as Carbohydrates or Sugary sweeteners, but rather adding ‘the good stuff’ on top of your daily diet in order to rapidly burn the fat.

Review of the Diet

Here are the key principals of the combined skinnimaker system diet, the approach of the various nutrients that exist in our foods:


– Carbohydrates are NOT essential to the human body.
– Overconsumption of carbohydrates is added to fat cells.
– Carbohydrates contribute to high spikes of insulin and blood-sugar.


– Fat storages in your body will release their fat while restricting Carbohydrates.
– Eating healthy fat in the absence of Carbohydrates does not lead to fat accumulation.
– Fat is essential to many hormones such as testosterone that help losing weight.


– Increasing Protein intake preserves lean muscle tissue which is literally a fat burner.
– Protein keeps you full for hours.
– Protein suppresses hunger signals from your stomach and brain.

More Details About The 3 Week Diet?(SkinniMaker)Watch the Video ►

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