Fact: Most Diets Eventually Fail ! – Here is How to Succeed

In the Video Below, of the Amazing HBO Documentary on Obesity…
The Doctors explain Why It Is So Hard to Lose Weight in the first place, and even harder to keep off the weight loss after a diet.

The Doctors in this research made an experiment…
They made people lose weight (about 10% of body weight)
Checked for metabolic processes, hormones & energy expenditure, before & after losing weight.

Their findings are shocking!

Here’s Why Only 5% Successfully Keep Their Fat Loss After 2-3 Years:

  • The study shows that when you lose weight (fat) your Leptin Levels Go Down.
  • Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells.
  • Leptin’s concentration in the blood tells your brain how fat you are.
  • When Leptin levels drop after a diet, it signals your brain – you have no more fat reserves
  • Your brain in turn, slows down your metabolism (via hormones).
  • Your brain also encourage you to eat more (via hunger signals).
  • The most profound revelation is that the brain turn your muscles into being more efficient.
  • This means that the same exercises you did before the diet will expand less calories now.

Isn’t that Amazing? and at the same time frustrating!
It looks like, there is no long term way to lose weight!
If you watched the whole Video above, you know:
The Problem is Leptin Resistance

Here Is How to Reverse Leptin Resistance

Watch this New video as it reveals how researches managed to Reverse Leptin Resistance, by following a set of instructions of eating behaviors, they successfully reversed Leptin Resistance.

Leptin is not a medicine, so you can’t get it prescribed by your doctor.

There are different pathways you can restore your brain to look at a reduced levels of Leptin as higher levels.

This is called Leptin Sensitivity and you can become Leptin Sensitive in your brain by following… a well balanced diet which not only help you shed pounds rapidly, but also makes you Leptin Sensitive, so you won’t gain all the weight back!

Click The Video Below to Watch This Amazing Diet!


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