71 Foods That are Only 200 Calories

Counting calories is kind of hard work, as well as frustrating one, this is why many people fail to achieve their daily calorie count goals for their blazing fat loss.

Average person need between 1700 calories to 2700 Calories Depending on their Height, Weight and Gender, So in the lower side you can be female which is 5 feet (1.50 meter) and on the High End you will be a male which is 6 feet 6 inch (2 meter).

Knowing what a 200 calories food looks like is great tool for losing fat, as for example if your daily need is 2000 calories and you want to lose some fat you can go down to 1800 daily calories – so you can plan for 9 units of 200 calories instead of 10 pieces of food, very simple, yet very effective and accurate way to take control on your diet.

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Here is the List of foods:

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