4 Common Mistakes We All Make When Trying To Lose Weight

After the holidays have passed and summer is threatening to reach the big time, and it’s a natural time to start a diet. But why many diets begin with fanfare dies down with a whimper?

Here are the 4 common mistakes that may interfere with the diet:

One. Carbohydrate download

We tend to reduce eating carbohydrates , download the bread, pasta, potatoes and rice.
Stop with the sweetest and download the sugar.
Why this could be the problem?
Carbohydrates originating from plants is a source of energy bodies having life and when you exercise. Carbohydrate also helps us calm feelings by hormone serotonin. Carbohydrates also helps the feeling of satiety, especially when it contains fiber.
If so, the absence of the food can cause us fatigue, irritability and feelings of constant hunger. The proposal is dose the amount of carbohydrates throughout the day and prefer complex carbohydrates with fiber, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, pasta over simple carbohydrate such as jam, chocolate and cakes.

Two. Consume artificial sweeteners

Soda can
Aspartame, saccharin K and are some of the artificial sweeteners in various food additives usually those listed them sugar-free .
What is wrong then?
On the one hand we want to reduce the intake of foods with sugar and on the other we want to feel the sweet taste which provide us with artificial sweeteners and all this without adding any caloric value.
The thing is that artificial sweeteners are a type of fraud. Body waiting to absorb the sweet, prepares, builds gates sweet entry into cells but in practice no sweet not entered. Eventually the body may transmit a great need for sweets which may result in excessive eating sweet.
Additional evidence of side effects come from people who consume sweeteners such as headaches, bloating and flatulence. With the cessation of consumption sweeteners found in beverages, cakes, cookies and more side effects usually constant.

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Three. Reduce calorie consumption drastically

Significant reduction in calories falls below the required threshold may actually inhibit weight loss. Because the body does not get the amount of calories required Similar to starvation and may go on the defensive, as it is well described on the Skinnimaker System Post .
What I mean? Metabolic rate goes down and created a process of keeping the body’s energy stores or alternatively use extremely frugal and fat stores of glycogen and instead lose weight, we may feel “stuck”. It is recommended to contact a professional, dietician, to help you “fix” the caloric and nutritional framework tailored to your body and for weight loss.

Four. Today eat only healthy things

With adherence to diet, there is a tendency to overstate the consumption of foods which come off as healthy. Sometimes have a tendency to consume excessive amount of fruit. While healthy fruit and essential our diet. They provide vitamins and minerals but they also may make many sugars and fats in our body to help gain weight.
The recommendation to consume between 3 and 5 fruits a day. Many other foods their consumption of nuts and almonds are a source of healthy essential fats yet they contribute calories therefore recommended to eat a handful of about 30 grams a day.
Healthy salad also sounds innocent. While the vegetables with low-calorie and good nutritional values. They contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, but the problem is extra. Healthy salad served with avocado, tahini olives and olive oil actually contains vegetable oil, oil, oil and more oil. It is recommended to consume many vegetables but please note additional and decide on one source of oil like olive oil or tahini.
In summary, there is a balance calorie intake and diversify the various food sources. Desirable to incorporate exercise and create a drastic change in diet may impair the functioning of the body. Successfully.

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