Omega-3 High Dosage Benefits – 29% Reduction in Triglycerides and 27% Increase in Fat Burning

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12 week of omega-3 (High Dose) supplementation contributed to:

  • Increased resting metabolic rate by 14%
  • Increased Fat burning during exercise by 27%
  • Increased rate of fat oxidation during rest by 19%
  • Triglycerides dropped 29%
  • Increased lean mass (Muscles) by 4%

The Dosage of Omega-3:

They participants took a daily capsules of the following Fish Oil:

Administered in 5 capsules, with each capsule providing:

  • 400 mg of EPA
  • 200 mg of DHA
  • Daily total = 2 grams of EPA and 1 gram of DHA

Omega-3 Supplement Used in the Trial

Here is the the Exact Supplement used in this study link to buy on Amazon

Omega-3 Produced with No Oxygen

Another excellent supplement is the Omega-3 by Nordic Naturals because they isolate fish oil under nitrogen, so there is no oxygen present in the process, hence, no oxidation damage to the fish oil going rancid.

Source of Article: Plos One

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