Sauna Helps Losing Weight Through Improving Insulin Sensitivity

In order to lose weight, you need to improve your Insulin Sensitivity.
This means you need to make your body cells be able to absorb glucose from the bloodstream in order to burn it inside the cell’s mitochondria.

And this is what Sauna’s help do:

Sauna Help Lose Weight through Improving Insuling Sensetivity

Here’s what a research find out (in mice)
– Having Sauna, for 30 minutes a time, 3 days a week for a period 12 weeks:

– 31% decrease in Insulin levels
– Improve in Insulin Sensitivity
– Increase in glucose transporters in Skeleton Muscle

Watch the video for more geeky facts:

Start Improving Your Insulin Sensitivity – Get Infrared Sauna

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  1. Daniel says:

    I love the sauna,
    good to know it is also healthy

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