Personalized Exercise Based on Your Genes

Yet another brilliant TV episode coming from the BBC.
The Doctor Journalist who was looking for a way to improve 2 important factors of his health:
The first be his Insulin Sensitivity and the second to be his VO2 max.

Insulin Sensitivity

By improving this your body clear up the glucose in your bloodstream much quickly and your muscles absorb the sugar in your blood, leaving your blood vessels to be ‘sugar free’ which stables your hunger mood and cravings as well as not damaging your blood vessels.

VO2 Max

VO2 is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an person can use, the higher the better and people train to increase their aerobic capacity, however, based on 11 genes, it can be predicted whether they can actually increase this capacity or not. Apparently, about 20% of the population will not be able to increase their VO2 Max, by training, no matter how much they will try to.

Here’s the Full TV Episode, Enjoy!

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