3 Types of Dieters – Constant Cravers, Emotional Eaters and Feasters

A brilliant, 3 episodes TV series from the BBC, that divide people into 3 categories of eaters.
Fitting each group category, with a specific diet plan that will work best for their individual and specific issues, to help them more easily, lose weight:

The 3 Dieters Categories


Should follow 2 Principals:
1) Low Glycimic Index Food – such as Vegetable Salads.
2) High Protein – such as chicken breasts and low fat cuts of red meat

Emotional Eaters

Should use the following:
1) Group Support
2) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Should use the following:
1) Intermittent Diet (5 days normal and 2 days of 800 calories)

Videos of the BBC – Whats The Right Diet For You

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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