The Best Testosterone Supplements

According to Ben Greenfield on his podcast #429

Top Supplements for Increasing Testosterone

1. Mucuna / Velvet Bean – Buy from iHerb
2. Ashwagandha – Buy from iHerb
3. MACA (also increase Libido in Men) – Buy from iHerb
4. Tongkat Ali (also increase Libido in Men) – Buy from iHerb
5. Fenugreek (also increase Libido in Women) – Buy from iHerb

My advice is to take all 5 supplements, each one to spread through a different time of the day, as they may activate and increase Testosterone using different pathways, so you get better results.

start to play from 27:17 – these are the Best Testosterone Supplements that actually work according to recent research:

Supporting Supplements for Natural Production of Testosterone

1. Creatine – Buy from iHerb
2. DHEA – Buy from iHerb
3. Vitamin D –
4. Magnesium –
5. Boron – Buy from iHerb
6. Zinc – Buy from iHerb

Lifestyle Aspects for Natural Production of Testosterone

1. Good Sleep
2. No Alchohol
3. No Chronic Cardio
4. Lifting Heavy with your Legs
5. Having Sex

Supporting Supplements for Prostate Health

1. Pygeum
2. Bee Pollen extract
3. Nettle Root
4. Korean Angelica
5. Moringa
6. Cooked Tomatoes
7. Pomegranate
8. Onions
9. Garlic

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