Why Most Diets Fail?

In this HBO Documentary, they explain why it is so hard to to lose weight in the first place as well as to keep off the weight after a diet.

The Doctors in this research made an experiment, where they made people lose weight (about 10% of body weight) and checked their metabolic processes, hormones and energy expenditure, before and after losing weight.

Their findings are shocking!
You must watch this Video to understand the Problem behind weight loss.

This documentary explain exactly why only just 5% successfully keep their fat loss after 2-3 years.
The study shows that when you lose weight (fat) your Leptin levels go down, Leptin is hormone secreted from fat cells and it’s concentration in the blood tells your brain how fat you are.
When Leptin levels drop after a diet, this signals your brain that you have no more fat reserves and the brain slows down (via hormones) your metabolism as well as encourage you to eat more (via hunger signals)
The most profound revelation is that the brain actually turn your muscles into being more efficient and the same exercises you did before the diet will expand less calories now.
Isn’t this Amazing? and at the same time frustrating! – It looks like there is no long term way to lose weight!

Here Is How to Reverse Leptin Resistance

Watch this New video as it reveals how researches managed to reverse Leptin Resistance, by following a specific set of instructions of eating behaviors, that successfully reversed Leptin Resistance.

Leptin is not a medicine you can get from your doctor as a subscription drug.
There are ways you can trick your brain to look at a reduced levels of leptin as higher levels, this is called Leptin Sensitivity and you can become Leptin Sensitive in your brain by following…
This well balanced diet which produce a sustainable fat loss!

What It looks Like? – Food That Have 200 Calories in Them

Counting calories is kind of hard work, as well as frustrating one, this is why many people fail to achieve their daily calorie count goals for their blazing fat loss.
Average person need between 1700 calories to 2700 Calories Depending on their Height, Weight and Gender, So in the lower side you can be female which is 5 feet (1.50 meter) and on the High End you will be a male which is 6 feet 6 inch (2 meter).

Watch the Video which gives you great examples for what food is 200 calories:

Also – Here is the List of these foods:

High Cortisol, Food Sensitivities and Belly Fat

What we are seeing nowadays is a dreaded chain and this cycle only results to belly fat. Belly fat is equivalent to malfunctions of your organs. Belly fat means, you are unhealthy. Now what are you called to do?

Before we point onto the solution, we need to discuss a few points that are vital for you to digest and understand. The littlest of things that seem irrelevant in weight loss are the easiest to disregard without analyzing its overall effects.

Cortisol is Produced by the Adrenal Glands

Cortisol is Produced by the Adrenal Glands

Take food allergies for example: Food sensitivities and food intolerances do not simply mean you can just swallow the outcome with a few trips to the lavatory plus a dose of Loperamide.
When your body experiences some form of disturbance, it adapts by increasing cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of the body’s ammunition against stress.
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Dr. Oz – Belly Fat Blues

We start off by defining what is Omentum Fat. As defined by Dr. Oz, Omentum Fat is not the one you can pinch. It is located right under the depths of your belly and is closely seated at your organs.
Contrary to popular beliefs, not all fats are the same.

Omentum Fat Explained

Dr. Oz - Holds Belly Fat BlazeThe fat on your thighs are much more different from Omentum fat since you can easily get rid of that and propose no extensive danger to your health.
Thousands of years ago, Omentum fat, also known as belly fat, was considered beneficial. The people back at that time would take advantage of it during times of famine as a storage to where the liver gets sustenance and all the nutrients the body needs. Let me reiterate, this is the people of before who would undergo hard labor throughout the day which is far more different and taxing than the activities of today.
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5 Foods That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat – Blazing Fat Loss!

Sometimes, foods are not what they seem. We rely on what people say around us and make it a basis to discriminate certain type of food as either fattening or dangerous to our well-being. Below are foods that were considered a “Blazing Fat Loss” such but in reality, they are among the fat-burning elements that can be incorporated to any meal. They contain the vital vitamins and minerals, as well as micro-nutrients that will induce the fat burning hormones within our body. They are, of course, scrumptious and absolutely satisfying.
The list will render you such a pleasant surprise!


BerriesBerries are known to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They are also packed with natural sugar which makes them energy boosters.

Among the berry family are strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, all of which contains a significant amount of dietary fibers which controls digestion and absorption of sugar and carbohydrates.
This means blood sugar and insulin spikes are, as well, prevented!

It is suggested that you buy organic fresh berries which are easy on the pocket and very much well –situated.

Do not purchase processed berries soaked in sugar or syrup! This will increase your belly fat, instead of controlling it.
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Thyroid Hormone and Abdominal Fat Relation

The Thyroid Glan produce T4 hormone which is converted into T3 hormone in the body.
T3 Hormone is the active hormone circulating in your body and affect many metabolism processes going on in your body.
Thyroid Gland in the Body
Some of the most important of these metabolism processes are:

  • Energy Expenditure
  • Vitamin Metabolism and Absorption
  • Body Temperature Regulation
  • Cholesterol Regulation

Thyroid Hormone and Energy Expenditure

The thyroid hormone acts on every cell in your body, this has a huge implication on energy expenditure and the state of fat in your body, remember that every cell in your body has a receptor for thyroid hormone and this by itself should tell you how important this hormone is.
The way which the thyroid hormone works on the body cells is very complex and many factors on the way can disrupt the normal process.
The end result should be getting the T3 Hormone to connect with it’s receptor in your cell (and you have trillions of cells in your body), the process goes like this… the Pituitary gland in your brain release Thyroid Simulating Hormone (TSH) which acts on the Thyroid Gland to release some T3 hormone, but mostly it will release T4 hormone, then, in your body, and mainly it will happen in your Liver!
So you can see that there are at least 3 places where something can go wrong here in this process as we have just saw:

  • Brain – Pituitary Gland
  • Thyroid Gland
  • Liver

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Hormone Imbalance and Belly Fat Accumulation

Belly Fat accumulation is primarily caused by Hormonal Imbalance.
There are more than 600 hormones circulating in your bloodstream.

However, these are The Three key major hormones that force your stomach to grow and accumulate fat:

  • Cortisol
  • Estrogen
  • Insulin

Cortisol Imbalance and Belly Fat

When you have a lot of on-going stress, wether is’t physical stress or emotional stress, Cortisol levels in your body will go up and your body will get into belly fat storing mode.
Another cause for cortisol levels to go up is by drinking Coffee in excess which in turn stimulates your adrenals which will produce more cortisol in response.
Over time this can set a chain reaction where you wear your adrenals to the point that you will disrupt the normal daily cycle of cortisol, where it should start in High peak when you wake up in the morning and go down in 1 Hour to a low levels and only come back in late evening to go up slowly into the night when you are asleep and get back to it’s normal cycle of peaking up in the morning again.
Failing to stay in this Cortisol cycle is a sure way to have sleeping problems and Belly Fat Accumulation starts to happen.
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Why Belly Fat is So Dangerous?

These are the major problems you can reach when not treating Belly Fat in a timely manner…
All of these conditions can be treated with medication and Surgeries, But will cost you fortune!

  • High LDL Cholesterol
  • Increase Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased Inflammations
  • Plaque Build Up in Arteries
  • Arousal Disfunction
  • Fatal Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer

Stubborn – Diet Resistance Belly Fat

Belly fat is known for it’s stubborn nature to stick and not easily give up.
The fat in your belly, is a “Diet Resistant Fat” and when accumulate for a long period of time can be very dangerous to your health, as it was explained in the video above.

Belly Fat is a signal to many troubles coming your way if you don’t get rid of it fast.

In case you have excess belly fat just like in the pictures below, I suggest you visit your Doctor ASAP in order to treat yourself.

Women Abdominal Belly Fat
Women Abdominal Fat
Men Abdominal Fat
Men Abdominal Fat

The Benefits of Losing Belly Fat

Aside of general improvement in health and vitality, here are some of the specific benefits you’ll experience when shading excess fat from your belly:

  • You’ll get Smarter!
  • Better Sleep
  • Healthier Heart
  • You’ll Experience a much Better Sex
  • More Money – By Saving on Medical Expenses

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How to Lose Your Belly Fat in a Blaze!